Nozzles and Stoppers
High Performance Long Nozzle, submerged Nozzle, Quick-exchange Nozzle, Monoblock Stopper Processed  With  High-purity Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2) Insert.
Refractories for EAF
MgO-C Bricks, Tapping hole Bricks, Roof for EAF Furnace, Tapping Hole Filler for EAF, Gunning Mixes for EAF, Rapid hardening MgO Material
Refractories for Ladle
MgO-C、MgO-Al2O3-C、MgO-CaO-C Bricks, Low-C Bricks、Non-C Bricks, Purging Plugs, Seating Block for Purging Plugs and Nozzle, Roof for LF and VD, Ladle Castables, Stuffing Sand for Ladle
Tundish Refractories
Preshaping for Tundish, Tundish Roof, Tundish Dry Vibration Mixes, Tundish Spray Mixes, Tundish Safety Lining Castables